Load balancing is recommended and sometimes necessary for small or medium-sized businesses that experience significant, unpredictable traffic spikes due to e-marketing, subscriptions, or regular daily activity on high traffic forums or blogs. Many times we see that sites going down frequently when exposed to huge traffic and even after setting up reverse proxy Nginx servers with apache web server does not work thus causing the website to go down frequently. Regardless of the option you choose, using some sort of load balancing solution in your infrastructure is highly recommended. However, if you need a solution that is cost-effective up front, we can setup an open source load balancing solution such as HAProxy.

HAProxy is an open source load balancer that functions as a fast proxy server and provides high availability for TCP and HTTP-based applications. HAProxy is available as a package in pkgsrc on any Linux based server you provision. HAProxy stands for High Availability Proxy, and is a great TCP/HTTP load balancer which is highly recommended. Basically it distributes workload (Traffic) across a set of servers (Web Farms) to maximize performance and optimize resource usage. This process helps ensure redundancy and fail-over solutions. For more information check www.haproxy.1wt.eu.

Sniper Server Management skilled administrator’s team will help to install and configure the HAProxy load balancing across two or more web servers with a clustered environment and proper load balancing algorithms including the statistics report from the admin panel. This will also include site replication and MySQL database replication setups across the servers within the clustered environment. That means a complete fail-over solution for your mission critical website. Server requirements should be 2 servers minimum with one ordinary server and second high configured hardware node with VT enabled processor along with 5 or more IP’s. We will setup the required Hypervisor and virtualizes the VMs clusters as per the website traffic and disk needs.

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