SNIPER D.M.S includes a user-friendly web interface that enables you to access documents and upload files via the internet or your office’s intranet system. You can easily create customized folders for categorizing your documents, as well as edit document and folder properties online. You can also download your documents or view them online through your web browser.

Notable SNIPER D.M.S Features

  • The ability to attach various metadata to documents such as creation date, owner, and status.
  • Multiple language options and comprehensive multilingual support.
  • The ability to obtain detailed information on uploaded documents.
  • The ability to lock and unlock documents
  • Versioning capabilities that allow you to update documents while also saving older document versions
  • Fast location and retrieval of previous document versions
  • The ability to set specific document expiration dates
  • Email notifications regarding new, updated, or expired documents
  • Using SNIPER D.M.S as Local Drive
    1. WebDav: Using webdav integration will allow fast uploading and it’s easy and secure. Once a file is uploaded, it can be found directly in the system under the directory that the file have been uploaded to.
    2. Drop Folder: Each user can have his folder to quickly upload files instead of uploading them using the web interface.
  • The system automatically handles workflow for each document and stores changes, versions, comments made …etc. Workflow stages includes:
    1. Validation Cycle
    2. Documents Status
    3. Expiration
  • Backup your files and documents using advanced backup system

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