[email protected] is a fully-featured email marketing application to enhance business development through managing email campaigns, organizing email databases, create/modify email templates as required, track and follow-up the campaigns and have website integration tools for website email services.

Main Features

DASHBOARD: [email protected] provides complete control on the subscriber management to the account manager through user friendly UIs and services. [email protected] dashboard contains a complete overview of the account with several statistics and information. Information such as number of Email campaigns, number of email lists, total number of subscribers, number of email templates, and statistics like click rates, open rates, bounce rates and unsubscribe rate, etc. can be easily viewable through [email protected] dashboard.

CUSTOMIZATION: Customization options provided in [email protected] guarantees complete flexibility for the service users; which includes simplified template editor, organised campaign & email listing, custom tags, etc. [email protected] template editor provides ‘WYSIWYG’ display setting for the normal users and ‘Source Display’ for experienced users. ‘Upload Template’ is also available to upload already developed email templates into the system.

CENTRALIZED EMAIL / SUBSCRIBER MANAGEMENT: [email protected] delivers complete centralization of email and subscriber management for multiple websites into one platform; simplifying the monitoring and management of emails. The segmentation feature provides customized and focused email marketing / campaign provision to all the connected website’s subscribers from a single platform. Email campaigns for all websites can be be streamlined and monitored by one account manager, reducing the required operators and resources.

REPORTS & ANALYTICS: [email protected] generates real-time reports on the subscriber statuses as well as campaign activities and provides in the simplest understandable format. [email protected] dashboard gives basic overview on the status of the campaigns and activities under the system. [email protected] analytics & reporting feature provides the analysis on the quality of the email list through email delivery information, including open rates, bounce rates, subscribe / unsubscribe rate, etc.

Advanced Features

All the features in [email protected] are specially designed and developed to simplify as well as enhance in centralizing the subscriber email management of multiple websites and achieving a platform for a systematic email marketing campaigns.

  • The segmentation feature provides in creating email campaigns to a subset of your subscriber base, which helps in executing campaigns with relevant newsletters or memos.
  • [email protected] autoresponder allows to send off emails to subscribers automatically. Autoresponder emails can be set to reply subscribers when they signup [or any related CTA] as well as schedule a series of predefined emails to be sent on a specified schedule.
  • There are predefined [email protected] tags which helps in enhancing the email service as well as saves time. These [email protected] tags helps in generating a more professional email templates and campaign format.
  • List Tools provides the [email protected] operator with a complete set of services to manage the subscriber list. Sync subscribers and split list helps in segmentation as well as control the subscriber list duplications.
  • OPT-IN service can be provided ‘as required’, which requires confirmation from e-mail recipients agreeing to receive e-mail advertising, e-mail marketing or e-mail communication specifically from the company or individual sending e-mails


In collaboration with Sniper SEC and UCG, which are the industry’s leading ICT and digital security service provider, has implemented all the security features within [email protected], providing high-end security to the subscriber list and email campaign activities. [email protected] provides web interface to access the service, guaranteeing the campaign processes and the database to be secured.

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