The 1st out of the box cloud meetings solution which run on a private cloud. SNIPER CLOUD MEETINGS built to run on UCG LLC cloud network which cover 28 data centres around the globe including but not limited to the following locations: UAE, KSA, Europe, USA and others.

SNIPER CLOUD MEETINGS built to be customized to fit your organization brand, more over it can be implemented in multiple ways, like:

  • Web Integrated Virtual Conference “Public and Private”
  • Virtual Meetings with email invitations
  • Virtual Class Room with users access and user roles – “Can be LMS integrated”

Main features & Customizations:

  • Live whiteboard for presenters and groups
  • Everyone can share a webcam
  • Hold visual meetings.
  • Communicate using high quality audio.
  • Emojis: Express yourself.
  • Share your screen.
  • Muti-user whiteboard, Draw together.
  • System Theme/colors/fonts: All are customizable
  • System Brand/Name/Logo: All are customizable, SNIPER CLOUD MEETINGS built to serve enterprises and to offer while label solution.
  • HAND RISE feature can be enabled with the ability to re-order the people list, so the one with a HAND RISE will jump to the top “After the presenter & Moderators”
  • Ability to define a presentation “content” to be preloaded system wide, so if the meeting visitors reached before the presenter, so the visitors can see something on the presentation wall “system wide”
  • No need for any application installation on computer or mobile. The system built as a WEB APP, that works on browsers using WebRTC protocol.
  • Ability to send Polls “simple” or redirect to a survey or any web page after the meeting “customized”
  • Ability to mute/kick any unwanted visitor or start all visitors muted.
  • Ability to record the meeting and to manage the recordings
  • Public & Private chat
  • Customized Welcome Message
  • Website integrated and very good marketing tool. “visitors data collection using customized forms”
  • Can be integrated with the company PBX “Telephonic system” to allow people to join the conference by phone (using the company phone num). Requires additional HARDWARE on Premises.
  • Much more ….

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