SNIPER LIVE-CHAT is a user friendly live chat solution delivering high quality customer service with increase conversions and compelling features, which all will enhance the customer interactions with the website. SNIPER LIVE-CHAT has all the required tools and features to grow your business and engage your customers without scarifying the man-hours and backend resources.

Main Features

User Friendly: SNIPER LIVE-CHAT provides highly improvised platform focusing on the user interaction and allows you to connect with your customers instantly and offers everything you need to provide an exceptional customer service experience. The tagged pre-typed response feature allows the team members to respond to messages more quickly, efficiently and eliminates searching through a long list of responses. Sounds and pop-up alerts indicates when a customer is requesting to chat making it easy to accept chat requests.

Customization: SNIPER LIVE-CHAT can be highly customizable according to the website design and UI guidelines. The chat tab or optional popup window can be fully customizable to include your logo, color and desired welcome message.

Feedback: SNIPER LIVE-CHAT enables you to collect valuable intelligence on the strengths and weaknesses of your business. All chat transcripts are automatically saved and can be viewed at a later date for collecting business intelligence. This customer feedback on SNIPER LIVE-CHAT allows you to pinpoint the best opportunities for improving customer service to build a high quality experience that aligns with or even exceeds your customer’s expectations.

Monitoring: SNIPER LIVE-CHAT provides real-time visitor statistics to gain insight on the customer activity as well as related information. Visitor monitoring also includes specific information about the customer browser version, operating system, screen resolution, referrer and IP address; which all help to provide a great customer support as required.

Proactive Chat: SNIPER LIVE-CHAT facilitates PROACTIVE CHAT, allowing you to initiate chat requests to your website visitors by invitations. This feature offers customers support in the middle of a purchase/access/operation that can result in closing the sale or updating the forms and increase conversions. Proactive chat showcases the website’s interest in customer experience enhancement and reduces customer service costs.

Desktop Apps: SNIPER LIVE-CHAT gives the flexibility to use the chat software via web interface as well as desktop application on major platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. Both the web app and the desktop application provides full functionality. SNIPER LIVE-CHAT also provides mobile apps for iOS and Android, enabling you to connect with the customer from anywhere regardless of where or what device you are using.

Security: SNIPER LIVE-CHAT supports installation on SSL enabled websites. With SSL enabled, all the chats are secure and the data is protected. By maintaining SNIPER LIVE-CHAT on your own web server, your data is completely under your own control. With user access permissions, team members can be segregated and granted access as required. Each of the access levels provide different functionality and restrictions.


Server Application System Requirements
  • PHP 7.X
  • MariaDB
  • Server License “Multi-Version SNIPER LIVE-CHAT”
Windows Application System Requirement
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 OS
  • SNIPER LIVE-CHAT server software
  • .NET Framework 4.5 or above [already included in Win10 and Win8]
  • Internet connection
MAC OS X Application System Requirements
  • MAC OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or above.
  • SNIPER LIVE-CHAT server software
  • Internet connection

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