SNIPER-HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM [SNIPER-HMS] is a highly secure cloud solution with user friendly hospital / clinic system. SNIPER-HMS is developed and designed to facilitate management services for all and every services related to large hospitals, medical centers, diagnostic centers, clinics, etc.

Main Features


Multi-language with RTL and LTR support

SNIPER-HMS is designed to support multi language user interface; with RTL and LTR support.

Notice Board / Message System

SNIPER-HMS has message system / notice board feature which helps in communicating and passing information within the Sniper-HMS system.

Appointment System

SNIPER-HMS has an appointment system with doctor scheduling and receptionist appointment interface.

Responsive design with high customization provision

SNIPER-HMS user interface is designed to provide maximum user friendly and simplified process steps.

Invoicing System

SNIPER-HMS has an invoicing system which helps in preparing invoices and subscription processing; with customized invoice form.

User Database Management

SNIPER-HMS enables complete management of database and related information with doctor profile system, patient database system and human resource system.

Cloud Solution

SNIPER-HMS is a cloud solution which helps in running the system without any hardware expenditure and user portability wherever the internet connection is available.

Full Monitoring System/Reports with Account Management

SNIPER-HMS provides complete account management through admin profile. Reports and related dashboards inform all required information and reports as required.

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