SNIPER A.O.M (Advocate Office Management System) is a Web based application for advocates and law firms to maintain their offices. It’s easy to use and light weight, developed and designed to maintain information about clients, cases, hearings and case files.

Notable SNIPER A.O.M Features

  • Manage employees, leaves, attendance , departments and holidays
  • Ability to create cases, assign them to clients, add invoices and archive finished ones.
  • Ability to creat tasks and assign them to staff members
  • Ability to create unlimited documents and assign them either to cases or just leave them for reference
  • Create case study to use them as reference for future cases
  • Exchange messages in the messages section
  • Create a To To List of tasks with a reminder on a particular date
  • Ability to create a contacts list and use them in the appointment section
  • Create unlimited appointments with their contacts and get notified about them.
  • Generate reports about earnings of the law firm and filter them by Month, Week, Year or by client

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